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Jamie Toolin
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10,3 Kb

Electronic dice

Created by Jamie Toolin on 06.Ara.2007

Press the switch to 'roll' the electronic die. The flowchart selects a random number between 1 and 6 then sets the outputs on the PICAXE 08 to represent the number on a die.

Open Model!

Yenka PCBs is an add-on for Yenka Electronics. It takes the 2D circuits you simulate, and converts them automatically into three-dimensional PCB simulations, which can be exported for manufacture.


Yenka Electronics lets you design and simulate circuits using over 150 types of component, testing and refining your design as you work.

Developed around the acclaimed electronics simulation used in Crocodile Clips, the components on offer range from simple power supplies and switches, through sensors and semiconductors, to extensive sets of 4000 and 7400 series ICs. Many offer several real models - for example, 10 types of NPN transistor are on offer.

User-friendly schematic editing

Based on a brand new version of the Crocodile Clips simulation engine, Yenka Electronics has been refined to make electronic design more straightforward - even for less experienced users.

For example, drag a component onto a wire, and it will be automatically inserted; no need to delete old wires or draw new ones. Drop it on an existing component, and it'll replace that component.

The interface refinements make whiteboard work easier, too. The toolbar, parts library and editing panels can all be moved, or even hidden away completely - to let you use the full screen. Customised topics refine the component libraries, so that you only see the parts you need.

Try the free Basic Version

You can get some of the components from Yenka Electronics completely free - click here to find out more.

Links with other Yenka programs

Yenka Electronics can be used on its own, but it also works seamlessly with other Yenka products:

  • If you're also using Yenka PCBs, you can convert your circuit simulations into to three-dimensional PCB designs, simulate them and export the layout for manufacture.
  • If you're also using Yenka PICs, you'll be able to include PIC and PICAXE chips in your circuits, and program them using flowcharts. You can add Yenka PICs to your licence free of charge.
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